ECHO is live!


ECHO (Black Lotus, book 2) is out NOW!

Read and find out what happened after the BANG!

RELEASE SPECIAL for a limited time at $2.99!

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  1. Avatar Name says:

    is it out on ebooks yet i cant find it

  2. Avatar Kelli says:

    Is there a way we can order a signed copy?

  3. Avatar Name Candice says:

    I am obsessed!!!! When can we expect book 3?!?!

    • EK Blair EK Blair says:

      There is no timeline set for HUSH’s release. I am working on it now. I put everything into my books, so it takes me some time to get them ready. I am just as excited to get HUSH out to my readers as you are to read it. Thanks!

  4. Avatar Nirjhor says:

    Wasn’t hush supposed to come in 2015? Still fixed on ETA?

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