Book Trailer for HUSH

HUSH, the final book in the Black Lotus series, is almost here!

Check out the trailer for Hush and tell me what you think!

Who’s excited to see how this all ends?

HUSH (book 3 of the Black Lotus series) from Novel Idea Inc. on Vimeo.

Purchase BANG, ECHO, and/or HUSH under the BOOKS tap at the top of the page!


  1. Avatar Jackie says:

    Can’t wait to read!

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to this!! I can really say that this series has held me riveted!! I couldn’t wait to read the next page, and the next page, and the next page….. I read BANG and ECHO in two days!! E.K. Blair – you know just how to keep on the edge of our seats! LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!

  3. Avatar sarah says:

    I need hush!! I have been waiting and waiting for this book I don’t think I will make it till Tuesday! I need to know who is alive, after watching the trailer I am going crazy I should of waited till 11:59 Monday night to watch it so I had the book right after!! Please Mrs. Blair give us a miracle and release it now!! Or just email me a copy of it, I promise not to tell anyone!! 😊.. I already told my boss I may not be into work Tuesday!!

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